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History of TipMe

History of TipMe

How it all started

About a decade before we launched, while visiting some sub-Saharan African countries, we noticed a majority of businesses and individuals including those involved in trans-border trade, traveled with huge sums of cash to pay for goods and services. The fact is, most economies in this part of the globe are cash-intensive and powered by the informal sector. The security risks were just too alarming for someone carrying cash. TipMe Global was born to alleviate these security concerns in addition to creating a mobile platform to handle international financial transactions in different currencies as people trade across borders.

Driven by the spirit of innovation, multi-payment gateway platforms, e-Commerce, salary payments, and other cashless financial services were added to enable business owners, regular citizens and communities to handle financial transactions without necessarily moving with huge sums of cash; thus, staying safe and making life easy. This concept inspires our global slogan “Your wallet is safe” as we are taking financial inclusion to the next level.

With the launch of TipMe Liberia, TipMe Global begins its journey to connect individuals and businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa on one seamless platform. As pioneers of the Global brand, we are not only striving for financial inclusion within our borders but paving the way for worldwide connection.

What drives us

Our values, who we are, and what we do every day are responsible for driving the TipMe culture.
They are the foundation of our identity and the compass of our interaction with all our stakeholders; customers, regulators, investors, partners and our communities.

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We lead by giving our best work. Our nature is to innovate and take responsibility for our actions

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Customer Satisfaction

Meeting the needs of our customers is an act we value dearly as we are here to make them happy.

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Our success as a brand has been solely dependent on the collective effort and intelligence of our team members.